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The Most Impressive Thing You’ve Ever Learned: Your First Language

BabyThe other day a friend of mine said that he considers amazing people who can speak well more than one language.

I agree but much more impressive is the way we learn our first language.

If you have ever gotten the opportunity to watch a baby during the speak acquisition phase, you may understand what I am talking. While learning the words may be consideration an imitation process as the baby develops the proper muscles and movements to reproduce what they listen, the process of learning how to put the sounds together to express feelings and ideas is absolutely fascinating. Think about it: we start with simple commands like give, want, yes, no or imitating animal sounds and soon we are expressing more elaborated thoughts and arguing. Try talking to a 2-3 years old being and most of them will tell you the color and music the like more. Sure that it depends on the way you ask: giving two options: what do your prefer? Red or blue? will work better that asking if they prefer one in dozen colors. Give it a try.
If there is any baby learning how to speak around you, play a close attention to how the speaking ability evolves, literally, daily!

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